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ZEN IN TEN #3: Tips on Taking Your Own Advice

You may have noticed the lack of ‘Zen in Ten’ posts as of late, I guess I haven’t been feeling my most zen recently and I didn’t want to post from a place of hypocrisy when I’ve been struggling to find peace of mind myself. I know it’s taken me some time, but in the end, it is this feeling that has inspired me to write again.


We’re always talking about how easy it is to give advice, but when it comes to ourselves it’s so hard to take even when the situation is a near match to one we feel we can advise others on. I was recently speaking to a dear friend of mine about this; we questioned why we can tell each other what we need to hear but we can’t tell ourselves. With this friend in particular, the advice we give one another is the advice we should take ourselves and yet we struggle to do so until we hear it from the other person.


This really got me thinking and so I thought I’d delve into some ways that might help inspire us all to listen to ourselves even if just that little be more.


Top Ten Tips in Taking Your Own Advice:


Listen to Yourself.jpg


Listen to yourself. Take yourself out of the situation and imagine you were advising somebody else what to do, this is the fastest way to finding the advice you’d instinctively give to others.




Listen to the person you’re closest to. You’ve probably given them your advice, let them say it back to you. Sometimes we just need to hear it through a different voice.



Write down your advice.jpg

Write it down. As you go through your day to day life, write down the things you say to others that you believe in and the things that have helped those people. In times of need, read through these.


Act on It.jpg

Act on it. It’s so easy to say something and to believe in it but it takes an extra step to act upon it. Know that if you can conceive the idea then it can be achieved. Be brave.


Trust Yourself.jpg

Trust yourself. Trust your instinct. Over anything or anybody, you know yourself best.



Be Honest With Yourself.jpg

Be honest with yourself. What do you actually think and actually feel? It’s easier to lie to yourself than it is to others. Don’t take the easy option if it’s not what you believe to be honestly true.


Be kind to yourself. When a friend/family member is in need, we react with kindness and comfort. Treat yourself as you would treat somebody else in need.



Practice Patience.jpg

Give yourself time. When a friend has a problem, we allow them to express this to us time after time, again and again, we let them cry, vent, laugh, whatever it is in order for them to feel that necessary release. Let yourself do the same. Allow yourself time and practice in patience.



Value Yourself.jpg

Value yourself. Value your advice in the same way we expect others to value it. Know you are valuable. We are all equally valuable. Remind yourself this.



Help Eachother.jpg

Remind each other to take our own advice and tell others when their advice helped. Let’s help each other help ourselves.


I hope some of these tips can help you, some of them may not come easily to us and that’s also okay. I am grateful that there is a world full of advice out there, and it’s important we gain different and outside perspectives also. It’s always okay to ask for help; be it from yourself, or be it from somebody else. Keep believing. You’re great.


With my peace, my love and my blessings.

Lar x


P.s If you need support don’t forget to check out the ‘Helplines’ and ‘Information’ pages we have collated for you; we encourage you to seek professional help.