Managing mental health creatively.


Lara Jones helps you get from zero to zen 




This could be as simple as re-arranging the things in your room, or it could be seeking out an entirely new place to create. Don’t be afraid to ask friends or other educational institutions if you can use their spaces. Imagine practicing music in a dance studio or dancing in an art exhibition, or drawing in a band room. Change can induce inspiration.



Listen to something new, watch something you’ve never seen before, learn to create something you would never normally create. Sometimes this challenge can help teach us what it is we really want to create and sometimes it enables us to discover a whole new form of creation.



Go to an art gallery, a dance show, a gig, a spoken word event, a flower show, anything! Immerse yourself in as much as you can, discover what you like, what you don’t like and what you think is okay. Write down what you feel when you experience these things and through this learn what you want to make others feel with your art. And if nothing else, know that you’re supporting people that undoubtedly have felt how you’re feeling. If they can do it, you can do it.



Change the time you usually create. Create through the night, early hours of the morning, lunchtime, afternoon, whenever it is, do it at a time you would never normally create. Be spontaneous with it or set an alarm and make yourself create something at 5am every morning for 3 days and see what happens.



Every morning write down what you dreamt about, dreams are so creative and weird, they can be a great source of inspiration. Also write down your conscious dreams/goals no matter how big or how small they are. Remember why you do what you do and what you want from it. If you don’t know yet, how exciting, the world is yours to explore.



Take a walk.png

It’s okay to say you just can’t do it today or this week or this month or even ever again. The world won’t end and neither will you or the people around you. Be kind to yourself, it’s okay and the answers will come. And remember, no decision ever has to be final. You could walk away from it for now, that doesn’t mean you will never come back to it. For now, don’t worry about making a decision, just take a walk or get yourself outside, and take a breather.



Finish what you started.png

All those unfinished projects/songs/routines/pictures that are left waiting for us...Go back to some of these and make yourself finish it, feel the sense of achievement when you do. Sometimes just the discovery of something we once were working on can help remind us how far we have come and where we are now.



Explore other creative outlets.png

Dance, write poetry, draw, paint, make music, design, stitch, knit, take photos… do anything than your usual art. Allow yourself to explore and remember that feeling of excitement and desire to just create. Take this back with you to your Art.



Much like number 8, draw with your eyes shut, make an entire dance routine with your eyes closed, sit at the piano and don’t look at your hands, just allow your instinct to drive what you do next. Create like a beginner and embrace the inner child.



Create whatever YOU want to create, be true to yourself. We learn all the technique, the theory, the rights and wrongs; these are vital yes but ultimately the most beautiful art is that which is created from the heart, that which is created from truth and that which is created from a place where there was no other option but to create exactly that thing. Trust yourself, be you and when it’s done, let it go.

Keep believing friends. You’ve got this.